Envirograf Product 92 5lts Clear and White

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The QVFR range offer a comprehensive solution for achieving spread of flame to timber substrates. Easily applied internally by brush, roller or spray.

QVFR system

This system is designed to achieve spread of flame to timber substrates. Available in white or clear finishes. This system can only be used internally and does not require a protective top coat, though decorative top coats can be applied to change the finish.

– A lasting solution for internal and external timber surfaces

– Can be used over existing paint, varnish or waxed surfaces, as well as directly on untreated timber

– Can be used on bamboo, chipboard, decorative laminates, furniture, plywood, MDF, melamine and more.

– QVFR, for internal use only, requires no top coat

– Provides UV protection for external timber

Product 92 Clear Data Sheet

Product 92 White Data Sheet

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