FD090 Fire & Smoke Curtain

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FD090 is a lightweight, flexible fire curtain which provides a barrier to smoke and flames. It consists of a specially coated glass fabric material. This is suspended between perimeter fixings and staple jointed for maximum effectiveness. FD090 is suitable for up to 90 minutes fire integrity.

FD090 can be used as a smoke barrier for:

  • Subdividing ceiling
  • Subdividing roof
  • Partitioning the void below a raised floor
  • Temporary protection around scaffolding
  • Tested in accordance with BS 476-Pt 20/22 & BS 7346-Pt 3 smoke curtain and BS 476 Pt 7 : 1987 Class 1 spread of flame
  • Smoke and cavity fire barrier
  • Approval with service penetrations
  • Suitable for large openings
  • Light weight for easy installation
  • Dry installation
  • Low dust generation
  • Fast and simple seam detail using staples and folds
  • Coated on both sides to provide maximum smoke resistance
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