FJ220 Intubatt 3 Cavity Barrier

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FJ220 Intubatt 3 is supplied pre-configured, ablative coated and factory cured. FJ220 is a rock fibre compressible slab, with an ablative coating to provide a fire and smoke seal. We offer 2 options: - single coated for horizontal seals - double coated for vertical seals

FJ220 is a strong, fast-fit flexible fire seal for curtain wall, slab edge and vertical cladding applications.

The system requires no fixings* for horizontal gaps up to 200 mm when used against a non-combustible building envelope.

The system can offer an acoustic capability of up to 52 dB (floor slab), limited by substrate.

The application of FS702 Intumastic to all joints and substrates is required to create an effective smoke seal.

For use within floor seals, slab to slab, slab to cladding, slab to blockwork, slab to glazing.

Combustible pipework, steel pipework and cables can be accommodated. Please consult CPG UK Technical Services for detailed solutions.

  • Up to 2 hours fire resistance - Tested to both BS 476 20-22 and BS EN 1366-4
  • OptifireTM unique traceability identifier
  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to install and inspect
  • 52 dB acoustic performance
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