FJ400 Intuspan Intumescent Joint Filler

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  • FJ400 Intuspan is an extremely compressable, foam based, joint filler. The product is black in colour, and consists of foam layers between high expansion intumescent layers. It provides a high level of physical movement, and can offer up to 2 hours integrity and insulation, with no adhesive required in most situations.
    FJ400 is used to reinstate the performance of fire compartment lines, both walls and floors, where construction joints require a physical movement seal and a specific fire rating.It has been tested in linear joints from 12 mm to 115 mm gap width, and is suitable for use between horizontal and vertical elements.FJ400 has 60% physical movement capability (compress and return) ; with the correct material set, if offers ±30% movement (30% extension, 30% compression).It is tolerant of very large movement and is used in areas where standard mastic joints are not suitable, such as large gaps over 35 mm, acoustic isolation joints and areas subject to regular cycles of expansion and contraction or vibration, both in compression and shear, where reliability is vital.In addition, Intuspan is particularly suitable for buildings being designed for earthquake zones or military buildings designed to withstand high ground movement shockwaves.
    • Up to 2 hours fire performance - Tested to BS EN 1366-4 and BS 476 Pt 22
    • Ideal for high vibration areas, such as elevator shaft interfaces
    • Unaffected by moisture
    • Easy to install by hand
    • Full dry system
    • Suits vertical & horizontal joints, and head of walls.
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