Firetherm 30 Minute Fire Curtain

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30 minute fire and smoke barrier in roof voids and large volume areas


Heavy duty non-insulant 260 g/m2 coated glass fibre cloth supported on a steel frame.

Unlike other reinforced mineral fibre solutions, there is very little fibre dust created during installation or during the life of the barrier. Long drops up to 3 m can be achieved without the need of extra support framework. As the system is lightweight it can be fitted to small section structural steel members without the risk of overloading. If in doubt refer the to the project engineer or specifiers.


  • Light weight for easy installation
  • Easy to handle on rolls of 65 m2 that can be easily carried by one man (roll size 1.3 m x 50 m)
  • Very fast and simple seam detail using staples and folds
  • Coated on both sides to provide maximum smoke resistance
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