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Fleetwood Advanced undercoat and Fleetwood Advanced satinwood,gloss or Eggshell are fast drying water based paints for woodwork and metal. For interior and exterior use. Fleetwood Advanced is a hybrid combination of alkyd and acrylic emulsion. What does that mean? In a nutshell it means that the Fleetwood Advanced range of primer/undercoats and topcoats have great covering power, dry a lot faster than oil based paint and are durable. They are also a lot kinder to the environment than oil or spirit based paint.

I have only recently started using Fleetwood Advanced. I had heard that it was a great from fellow painters & decorators but I prefer to try new paints out for myself instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

Some of the benefits of Fleetwood Advanced are:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Great covering power.
  • Dries quickly ( a big bonus when working outdoors and rain is on the way!).
  • Very low odour.
  • It comes in 4 different bases allowing for a great selection of colours.
  • Clean up with water.
  • Not as expensive as some of its rivals.

When applying Fleetwood Advanced make sure to use a good quality synthetic paint brush. Fleetwood recommend that you use a Fleetwood synthetic brush for best results and to be honest it is a good brush. You need a brush that holds less paint otherwise it can become clogged and affect your finish.

When applying Fleetwood Advanced undercoat, satinwood or gloss it helps if you slightly dampen the surface you are about to paint first. This helps the paint flow more easily and helps keep it wet for a little longer. This will also help to lessen brush strokes in the finish. As with all waterbased paints try not to over work the paint.

Where can Fleetwood Advanced Satinwood or gloss be used? Pretty much anywhere from kitchen cabinets and interior doors and frames to exterior woodwork like windows or your hall door for example. Fleetwood Advanced has a 6 year durability guarantee for exterior use which sounds pretty good to me!

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