Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL MIDI I 240V

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Compact. Mobile. Sophisticated.

Low weight, compact dimensions and a host of innovative details – the new CTL MIDI compact extractor impresses in all aspects. It has intuitive touch operation, a smooth suction hose and a level storage area for tools and consumables. Manual dedusting and being able to replace the main filter from the outside ensure long-lasting work that protects your health. Includes integrated Bluetooth® technology – the mobile dust extractor is automatically started by the Bluetooth® battery pack or by the remote control. Also has an internal hose holder, SYSTAINER T-LOC connection and practical cord holder for tidiness and speed. All this together conveniently ensures clean air during service and installation work.

  • Ideal for use on the go thanks to compact dimensions, low weight, and robust chassis
  • Touch operation for intuitive control of the mobile dust extractor
  • Keep working until the filter bag is full thanks to manual dedusting
  • Internal hose holder for safe and clean transport of the smooth suction hose
  • Saves you a trip to the extractor – thanks to the integrated Bluetooth® technology, the mobile dust extractor is started automatically by Bluetooth® battery packs or remote control
  • Level storage area – ideal for storing tools and consumables
  • Simple replacement of the main filter from the outside
  • Smooth suction hose with conical geometry for high suction power and seamless processes without catching
  • External cord holder with folding mechanism for winding up the cord with a simple turn
  • SYS-Dock with T-LOC for connecting SYSTAINERS in an instant
  • Bluetooth® functionality for extractor, remote switch-on for cordless tools
  • container/filter bag capacity 15/12.5 l
  • approval for dust class L
  • with manual filter and filter bag cleaning

Product highlights

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    With sophisticated details such as the touch-based operating concept, internal hose holder and cleverly designed cable winding concept. Bluetooth® technology included.
  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Uninterrupted work thanks to main filter replacement from outside and manual filter cleaning for a clean working environment until the filter bag is completely full. The new conical suction hose with a smooth outer skin ensures increased suction power and problem-free procedures without catching.
  • Convenient and safe:

    Ideal for assembly thanks to compact dimensions, ergonomic design, robust chassis and level storage area. Can be coupled with all Festool SYSTAINERs via SYS-Dock.

Mobile dust extractors | CT Mini & Midi - Festool

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Product details

  • Support directly on your smartphone

    The CT MINI I and MIDI compact dust extractors communicate with the Work app and automatically send easy-to-understand support via push notifications directly to your smartphone. So that you can continue to work without any difficulties.
  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology

    For automatically switching on the mobile dust extractor via remote control or the Bluetooth® battery pack. No retrofitting required.
  • Touch operation

    Innovative and intuitive touch control panel instead of rotary knobs – extremely simple to operate, even when wearing gloves or in a dirty environment. The extractor is set to automatic mode as soon as it is switched on.
  • Everything has its place

    The large internal hose holder makes it even easier to store the smooth suction hose and ensures safe and clean transport. Nothing protrudes.
  • Easy handling

    The compact, ergonomic design and low weight make the extractor particularly easy to transport.
  • Simply practical

    The level storage area above the hose holder can be used as a seat or storage area for consumables. SYSTAINERs, SORTAINERs and SYS-ToolBox can also be easily connected thanks to the T-LOC.
  • Filter replacement from outside

    Quick, easy and tool-free.
  • Manual cleaning

    Manual dedusting of the main filter and filter bag means the suction power can be restored once the filter or filter bag is inserted for a significant increase in filling capacity.
  • Telescopic handle

    For even better mobility on the construction site – The sophisticated design allows cleaning accessories to be stored and can be easily lowered when not in use (handle available as an accessory).
  • More tidiness

    Thanks to externally fitted cord holder with folding mechanism.
  • Smooth suction hose

    With conical geometry for improved suction power, smooth outer skin allow it to glide over all surfaces and edges perfectly.
  • For dusts in class L

    The extractor is approved for dusts in dust class L with limit values >1 mg/m³.
  • Full usage of space

    The sophisticated container geometry and space-saving flat filter ensure maximum utilisation of the 15 l container volume.


Main applications

  • For dust with limit values > 1 mg/m³
  • On-site extraction for electric power tools for minor or brief sanding, routing, sawing and drilling work
  • Ideal for mobile use in service and installation work and for final cleaning
  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction (special wet filter required for wet extraction)

Technical Data

Technical data
Power consumption
350 – 1 200 W
Max. volume flow
3700.00 l/min
Max. vacuum
24000.00 Pa
Filter surface area
3369.00 cm²
Rubber-insulated mains cable
7.50 m
Container/filter bag capacity
15/12.5 l
Dimensions (L x W x H)
470 x 320 x 495 mm
Max. appliance socket connected load
1610.00 W
Dust class
11.30 kg
Drive type
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