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Non-Peel, Clear, Deep Penetrating Oil Finish For Exterior Woods

Note: It is difficult to interpret or explain the 'colour clear' as it will vary depending on the wood type you have.

The best guide / indication is to place some water on your wood and that will give you a good indication of how Textrol Clear will look on Your wood. (See Textrol Golden Oak and Rustic Oak also)

Penetrating oil finish / decking oil for weathered wood which protects against moisture and UV damage

  • Developed for weathered wood
  • Penetrates and protects from within the wood


  • Use on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Penetrates and protects from within the wood.
  • Excellent penetration- Textrol should be in the wood not on the surface.
  • Non-film forming – will not crack, peel or flake.
  • Protects against moisture and UV damage.
  • Quick and easy to apply – “wet on wet” application.
  • Provides mildew resistance.
  • Easy maintenance – no stripping or sanding.


  • Soft or hardwoods: Cedar, Larch, Pine (pressure treated or not), Ash, Oak …
  • Can be applied to both horizontal surfaces (decks, walkways ,…) and vertical surfaces (cladding, shingles, fences…) and other exterior wood structures
  • Do not use on new wood - use SEASONITE instead.


  • Apply an application of Textrol and allow it to penetrate for 15-30 minutes.
  • Apply a second application and allow it to penetrate for 15-30 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure until the wood is saturated i.e. will accept no more oil.
  • Do not allow Textrol to become touch dry or dry between coats (apply “wet on wet”).
  • Once the timber is saturated, always brush out or wipe up any excess product that has not penetrated to avoid shiny spots.
  • The appearance of Textrol gradually lightens over time due to exposure to the sun and UV rays. When the wood has lightened to a light grey colour, it is time for a maintenance application.
  • Refer to the packaging for maintenance procedure.

Multicoat coverage : 5 m²/l

Coverage rate for maintenance : 10 to 12 m²/l

Application tools : stiff bristle - brush - airless spray

Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C

Working time : 24 to 48 h.
Clean-up : White-Spirit

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