Sanding pad FUSION-TEC ST-STF D150/MJ2-M8-W-HT

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    Sanding with built-in dust conveying system.

    High material removal capacity with maximum dust extraction. The patented MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 pad guarantees outstanding sanding results thanks to its unique functional principle. MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 is defined by the unique interaction between intake air and exhaust air – with optimum dust extraction right up to the edge. The result: Virtually 100% dust extraction for a consistently high material removal rate, top surface quality and a healthy working environment.

    • soft version
    • fastener resistant to high temperatures
    • for universal use on plain and arced surfaces

    Product highlights

    • Convenient and safe:

      The optimised intake and exhaust air system leads to maximum suction power – even near edges. For a clean and healthy working environment.
    • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

      The patented channel structure with active dust transport ensures that the abrasive remains dust-free for longer. For high sanding performance and a long service life.
    • Innovative down to the finest detail:

      The high-temperature-resistant fastener enables the service life of the sanding pad to be significantly extended.

    Product details

    ST-STF D150/MJ2-M8-W-HT
    • Active dust conveying concept

      A flow is generated between the intake air and exhaust air channels, similar to that which is produced when ventilating a room. The 48 suction holes collect the dust and transport it actively to the exhaust air channels. Dust is extracted from every point on the pad – right up to the edge – due to the ingenious arrangements of the channels.
    • Best extraction effect with maximum sanding performance

      Effective dust extraction ensures that the fastener and abrasive remain dust-free for longer. The sanding effect remains high and the abrasive can therefore be used for longer.
    • high temperature durability burr

      The fastener consists of high-temperature-resistant material and is therefore particularly durable. The special hooks in the fastener ensure perfect adhesion of the abrasive.
    • high edge solidity

      Thanks to the high-quality foam formula, the MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 sanding pad offers a high level of robustness right up to the edge area – for a long service life.


      Main applications

      • For heavy-duty and universal use

      Technical Data

      Technical data
      150 mm
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