Sigma Vikote 56

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PPG Sigma Vikote 56 is a modified acrylic finish designed to provide the finishing coat to surfaces above water level. Sigma Vikote 56 is splash resistant to water and mild chemicals making it ideal for use in the marine environment, above water. Sigma Vikote 56 is available in white, although most other decorative colours are available on request.

Best Uses

PPG Sigma Vikote 56 is ideal for use in areas close to water and works to resist weathering and retain gloss and colour retention at the same time. Sigma Vikote 56 can be used on all surfaces that have been previously coated with chlorinated rubber, vinyl or acrylic coatings.


PPG Sigma Vikote 56 can be applied using brush, roller or airless spray and has a fast drying time of just 1 hour to touch. After an 8 hour interval you will be able to apply a second coating that produces a glossy finish.

Surface and Environment

PPG Sigma Vikote 56 can be used internally or externally on a variety of different surfaces including metal, wood, plastic and concrete, providing they have been already coated with a suitable undercoat.

Sigma Vikote 56 Data Sheet

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