Sigmadur 520 Two Pack PU Finish. Semi-Gloss

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Best Uses

PPG SigmaDur 520 Semi Gloss is a durable product that can be used in temperatures down to -5 degrees celsius and has excellent non yellowing properties, making it suitable for external exposure where sunlight damage can be a concern. Not only does SigmaDur 520 resist UV light damage but is highly weather resistant making it ideal for use in areas with harsh atmospheric conditions.


PPG SigmaDur 520 Semi Gloss can be applied using brush, roller or airless spray to produce a highly decorative, semi-gloss finish in a variety of different colours. SigmaDur 520 is quick drying and can be touched by hand after just 1 hour ready for a recoat and can be recoated as many times as you want, unlimitedly.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaDur 520 Semi Gloss can be applied to any number of surfaces in environments exposed to strong natural elements like rain and wind. SigmaDur 520 can be applied to wood, metal, plastics, concrete and other substrates that require a high protection finish with a result that looks appealing to the eye.

Sigmadur 520 Data Sheet

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