Sigmafast 20. Zinc Phosphate Primer.

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PPG SigmaFast 20 is a single pack zinc phosphate primer for use as a one-coat, anti-corrosive finish for structural steel.

SigmaFast 20 is a single pack, high build, zinc phosphate primer based on a modified alkyd resin. It is a fast drying primer with anti-corrosive properties and is part of the PPG Sigma range, offering toughness and durability with a worldwide reputation.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaFast 20 provides protective finish for structural steelwork, in a single coat. SigmaFast 20 has good anti-corrosive properties and is suitable for use in conditions which are subject to atmospheric exposure.


PPG SigmaFast 20 should be applied air or airless spray, to achieve the best results, but can be applied with a brush or roller to touch up small or damaged areas. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation and stir SigmaFast well, before use. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contaminants. After thirty minutes the coating will be touch dry, and it will be re-coatable after approximately 4 hours at 20 degrees C.

Surface and Environment

With excellent anti-corrosive properties, PPG SigmaFast 20 has been specifically designed to provide an attractive finish, whilst protecting a range of surfaces, including steel and iron. SigmaFast 20 can be used for interior and exterior surfaces.

Sigmafast 20 Data Sheet

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