Sigmafast 40. Quick Drying Enamel

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SigmaFast 40 is a high build fast drying modified alkyd finish paint offering good gloss and colour retention, suitable for atmospheric exposure conditions.

PPG SigmaFast 40 is a high build finish coating, based on alkyd resins designed to offer fast drying times and fast handling, and works to retain a glossy and UV stable finish for a long period.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaFast 40 is best used in atmospheric exposure conditions where weathering and UV light can cause common problems to a variety of different substrates. SigmaFast 40 is regularly used in the construction industry where the need for a speedy application and curing is of a necessity, in order to minimise downtime and reduce costs.


PPG SigmaFast 40 can be applied quickly and efficiently using airless spray, brush or roller and should be mixed with up to 5% thinner depending on the thickness of the film you require. SigmaFast 40 is touch dry after just 45 minutes, allowing you to get back to work quickly, and can be recoated after just 4 hours.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaFast 40 is designed for use in a variety of different exposures where atmospheric conditions can be a concern to business owners and residents. SigmaFast 40 is not suitable for immersion in water but works to protect all external substrates from the ongoing effects of weather.

Sigmafast 40 Data Sheet

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