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SigmaFast HS Enamel produces a high performing, durable, glossy finish for substrates in industrial and commercial locations.

PPG SigmaFast HS Enamel is a single component, modified acrylic based, air drying industrial enamel available in a wide range of BS4800 and RAL colours including black, dark grey, light grey or white. Like all SigmaFast products, HS Enamel has a fast drying time which aids commercial and professional users produce high quality results in a short space of time.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaFast HS Enamel can be used internally or externally and provides exterior surfaces with a high level of durability, whilst maintaining excellent colour and gloss retention.


PPG SigmaFast HS Enamel is quick to apply with a brush or airless spray and has a drying time of 40 minutes to touch. SigmaFast HS Enamel can be applied to a number of substrates and has a theoretical coverage rate of 13-22 square metres per litre.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaFast HS Enamel has been designed for industrial and commercial use and can be applied to most clean paint systems or straight onto clean bare metal which has been primed with a suitable product.

Sigmafast HS Enamel Data Sheet

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