Sigmarine 40

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Sigmarine 40 is an alkyd undercoating product suitable for use in all alkyd paint systems, designed to provide adhesion to anticorrosive primers and old paint systems. Sigmarine 40 is available in a selection of different shades and can be overcoated with a variety of different one component systems.

Best Uses

Sigmarine 40 can be applied to various different substrates as part of an alkyd coating system and works well as part of a system suitable for application to marine appliances.


Sigmarine 40 has been specially formulated for maintenance work by using brush or roller and offers excellent flow to produce a smooth eggshell appearance. When applied in conditions of around 20 degrees celsius, the surface will be touch dry after 2 hours and ready for a recoat after 16 hours. Sigmarine 40 dries well even at low temperatures but drying times will reduce significantly in these circumstances.

Surface and Environment

Sigmarine 40 is designed for use in the marine environment and has been specifically manufactured to provide protection and decoration to a number of pre painted surfaces and substrates coated with anti corrosive primers.

Sigmarine 40 Data Sheet

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