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Sigmarine 48 is a general purpose gloss paint based on a modified alkyd resin that can be applied over most intact alkyd paints.

Sigmarine 48 offers excellent value for money with a product that dries quickly and works excellent well to resist water and weather damage and maintain good gloss retention.

Best Uses

Sigmarine 48 is a hard, tough, durable product specifically suited to areas intermittently exposed to water immersion and atmospheric conditions. Sigmarine 48 is ideal for use as a finish paint for boottop, topside, deck and deck equipment and is also available with non skid material for use on deck surfaces, available on special request.


Sigmarine 48 can be applied easily and effectively using brush, roller or airless spray and has a fast drying time of just 1 hour at 20 degrees celsius, available for recoating after 16 hours. Sigmarine 48 has a theoretical coverage rate of 12-14m2 per litre per coat and provides users with a glossy finish in a selection of different Sigma range colours.

Surface and Environment

Sigmarine 48 can be used over all surfaces that have been coated previously with alkyd paints providing they are still in reasonable condition. Sigmarine 48 offers excellent resistance to weather in adverse conditions so is highly suited to outdoor use.

Sigmarine 48 Data Sheet

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