TEC 7 Trans Clear Sealant

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Trans 7 Clear’s useful properties include:

Transparency makes it a great choice for sealing & repairing window frames, fish tanks and perspex.
Can be used on both dry and wet surfaces
Unique bonding on most materials – without using a primer
Does not contain any solvents or isocyanates, totally odourless
Cures without shrinking, resists vibrations and remains flexible
Excellent chemical resistance after curing
High tensile strength of 22kg per sq cm
U.V. and weather resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
Easy to apply and to structure

What can YOU do with Trans 7 Clear?

Trans 7 Clear has multiple applications in the Building, Construction, Airconditioning/Ventilation, Sanitary and General Maintenance areas, which are detailed below. You can almost certainly come up with more uses yourself.
Sealing of joints between natural stone and other surfaces, porous or non-porous where risks of stain formation have to be avoided.
Sealing and bonding of tiles, natural stone, wood, concrete, glass, aluminium, etc.
Sealing of almost all construction materials where a transparent joint is advised.
Excellent for bathroom, kitchen, glazing, wooden floors, ceilings, veranda, etc.
Sealing of window and door chinks.
For difficult applications with high requirements we advise the use of Tec 7


Bonding of insulation, even on wet surfaces. Trans 7 does not dissolve polystyrene foam
As a mounting adhesive for bonding skirting boards, lathing, sidings, eaves, laths on brick, gyproc, celular concrete, Ytong, mortar, etc. Trans 7 replaces mechanical attachments
As a sealant for both wet and difficult surfaces. Does not attack natural stone like marble, Belgian blue stone and granite. Ideal as a sealant between windows and brickwork. Can be painted perfectly, even with acrylate dispersion paints.
Windows and Verandas: bonding of glass in synthetic and aluminium profiles, bonding of adhering pieces and corner pieces in the production of windows.


Bonding of ferrous and non-ferrous plates on window works
Bonding of mirrors. does not attack the silver coating
Bonding of decorative panels
In the construction of elevators, good adhesion to painted surfaces
Bonding of wooden or metal table tops
Bonding of synthetic plates and insulation in refrigerators
Bonding of characters and names plates on gravestones and fronts
Sealing and bonding of containers

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Sealing of both PVc and metal tubing
Excellent bonding also on galvanized ducts


As a sealant, even on wet surfaces
Does not attack acrylate
Trans 7 is U.V. resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

General Maintenance

As a universal adhesive, Trans 7 bonds to most surfaces, containts no solvents, does not attack synthetic material
As a universal sealant, Trans 7 combines the advantages of an acrylic and silicone sealant, without the disadvantages of these two products
Reduces your stock of different products
Trans 7 replaces: mounting, wood and P.U. adhesive, silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, butyl rubber sealants. Now just one product instead of seven
Easy to apply
Trans 7 : the high-tech solution to all your mounting and sealing problems

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