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Tec7 Roof ‘s useful properties include:

Unique Roof Repair product formulated with Butyl Rubber for a longer life span, Bitumen for waterproofing and glass fibre for greater strength.
Remains Soft and Flexible up to 20 Years After Application.
Can be Applied at Temperatures from – 12°C to +50°C, on both Dry and Wet Surfaces, without Dissolving or Flowing off.
Good Adhesion on: Metal, Galvanised Steel, Zinc, Lead, Copper, Tin, Wood, Insulation, Brick, Concrete, Roofing, Asphalt, Shingles, PVC and Polyester.

What can YOU do with Tec7 Roof ?

Repair of flat and sloping roofs with Bituminous or rubber based (EPDM) roofing materials
Sealing of flashings, Valley’s, gutters, roof barges, drain pipes etc.
Waterproofing of Foundations and Walls, Flat and Sloping Roofs, Domes, Terraces & Balconies.
As Cold Adhesive for Bonding Bituminous Materials (Roofing, Shingles, Currugated Plates).
Fixing of Lead Flashings.
Immediate sealing of leaking roofs (wet or dry)

Directions for Use (Tec7 Roof Cartridges)

Preparation:Surfaces have to be clean and free from snow and ice.

Brush off first.
Application:Open the Cartridge with a sharp object and attach the nozzle

Cut the nozzle to the desired diameter

Place the cartridge in a standard cartridge gun
Finishing:Finish off with brush or filling-knife, moisten with Tec 7-Cleaner.

Clean tools with Tec 7-Cleaner.

Directions for Use (Tubs)

Preparation:Surfaces have to be clean and free from snow and ice.

Brush off first.
Application:Apply with a brush. Larger repairs can be provided with an extra reinforcement tissue.

For filling up joints, we recommend the Tec7 Roof cartridges.
Finishing:Smooth down with a filling-knife, moisten with Tec 7- Cleaner.

Clean tools with Tec 7- Cleaner.

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