TOR Unicover W 5lts

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Unicover™ W has been developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of external vertical wall cladding and large internal projects.

It allows re-colouring for corporate re-branding or change of ownership or simply extends the life cycle of the cladding. The product is made on the Tor ‘in can’ tinting scheme, which offers any RAL/BS/NCS shade as an option. A water-based and extremely surface tolerant coating, Unicover™ W is ideal for application in the warmer seasons, and can be spray or roller applied.


Unicover™ W offers:

• Ideal for airless spray application
• Excellent covering power
• Durable, long lasting system
• Multi surface application
• Tintable to any RAL/BS/NCS shade
• Self-priming system

NB: Significant colour changes will require at least 2 coats to achieve adequate coverage.

TOR Unicover W Data Sheet

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