Torlife WB System White

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The Torlife™ WB system provides an extremely hard-wearing decorative finish combined with a Class 0 fire rating when applied to new, bare or stripped surfaces. In the event of a fire, the coating system inhibits the surface spread of flame across the painted surfaces.
Graffiti can be removed from the painted surfaces by using the Tor range of Graffiti removers. This allows the fire rating of the coated surfaces to be maintained throughout the life of the system.


  • 3-coat water-based coating system
  • Achieves Class 0 fire rating on new, bare or stripped
  • Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti finish
  • Tough and easy to clean
  • Independently tested by Warrington Fire
  • Easily applied by brush and roller
  • Available in a wide range of NCS, BS4800 and RAL
    colours, from an in-can tinting system (white to mid pastel
  • Torlife WB System Data Sheet
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