Tortread SP Floor Paint 5lts

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Tortread SP Floor Paint is a Single Pack Urethane Alkyd Floor Paint offering slip resistance and ease of cleaning. Tortread is a light duty floor coating for use in warehouses, factories, workshops, garages, showrooms etc.

Tortread is a tough urethane alkyd binder pigmented with inert inorganic pigments and is thinned with White Spirit. Available in a range of colours including, yellow, green and tile red. Tortread is easy to use, quick drying and offers good resistance to abrasion, oil and grease.

Best Uses

Tortread is best used in warehouses, factories, workshops, garages and showrooms. With an anti-slip option available, Tortread SP is a high quality product that provides you with an easy to apply, cost effective surface and good wear resistance. Best used in areas where a light-duty floor coating is required.


Tortread SP Floor Paint should be applied using a short pile paint roller or airless spray. Two coats of Tortread are the usual requirement but in some cases you may only require one. Tortread is touch dry within 2 hours and hard dry, usually within 16 hours. When overcoating Tortread, wait a minimum of 8 hours and leave the reapplication for no longer than 7 days.

Surface and Environment

Tortread is a light duty floor coating for use in areas such as warehouses, factories, workshops, garages and showrooms. Ensure all surfaces are clean, sound, dry and free from oil grease, grime and other surface contaminants. Tortread will withstand pedestrian and light rubber wheeled vehicular traffic and is not suitable for heavy duty use or in high humidity areas such as shower rooms, swimming pools etc..

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