Graco 290, Classic PC Airless Sprayer, Stand Mount, 110V.

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The Graco 290 Classic PC Airless Sprayer, Stand Mount, entry-level 110v Contractor or Painter & Decorator airless sprayer. This is what we consider to be the perfect introductory product in Graco’s range of Professional Airless Sprayers. By this we mean, if needs be, it will spray all day every day. Ideal for use spraying domestic/residential, shop fitting or warehouse/offices. And as we say, it will happily spray all day long with a 517 tip. If your a Contractor spraying on a ‘controlled site’, then you won’t get kicked off for it not being 110v.

Product Advantages:

  • Entry level machine.
  • Lightweight, portable and compact.
  • Perfect for residential use.
  • Great for specialist projects.
  • Proven endurance pump technology.
  • Reliable performance every time.
  • Great for property maintenance.
  • Smart Control.
  • Great value electric airless sprayer.

Materials: Stains, Acrylics, Enamels, and Latex.

Product features of the Graco 290 Classic PC Airless Sprayer, Stand Mount.


  • Easy pump exchange in 3 simple steps.
    1. Loosen clamping nut.
    2. Open door to remove pump.
    3. Remove hose and suction tube.

Variable Pressure Control:

  • Consistent control, spraying light and heavy materials.
  • Simple, analogue fluid pressure gauge.

Endurance Pump:

  • Long-life V-Max Blue, reliable piston pump technology, and QuikAccess intake valve.

Swivel Inlet Suction Hose:

  • Reliable, rustproof aluminium construction.
  • Swivel design allows easy reach of paint.

EasyOut Pump Filter:

  • Minimal tip clogs thanks to large filtering area.
  • Filter design eliminates mess and won’t collapse.

You will get:

  • SG3 4-Finger Gun.
  • 240794 BlueMax II Hose 1/4in x 15m.
  • RAC X (PAA517) Tip and guard.

All YOU need to do is add paint!

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